Laura has an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and a Masters in Evidence for Public Policy and Practice from the Institute of Education. She has worked in a number of public policy contexts, where she has mainly worked in the fields of education and social care. Through the Pearson Publishing group, she has also had experience in designing and delivering educational resources on mobile devices. She has run a number of projects that support the learning and social inclusion of marginalised communities in the UK.

She completed her DPhil in 2015, entitled: Enhancing the English language learning of disadvantaged young people in Dharavi, Mumbai, using mobile phone software.

This study employed the principles of action research to design and trial a piece of language learning software with young people in Dharavi, a large slum in Mumbai. The young people were enrolled on an NGO-led Youth Empowerment Programme. The study sought to understand the ways in which students engaged with the software to support their learning of English, and the technological, pedagogical, societal and institutional factors that determined the sustainability of such an intervention in a developing world context.