Week #4: Mobile Counseling Cards (MCC)

Week #4: Mobile Counseling Cards (MCC)


The second PAR group workshop focused on the second key intervention area, HIV Counselling, as identified by the Community Health Workers (CHWs), Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) and the Community Health click medicinedrop.com Committee (CHC) from both project sites (Makueni and Kibera) during the first PAR Group workshop.

During this workshop, the MCC application was co-designed to support the CHWs to effectively conduct HIV counselling sessions using mobile counselling cards. These counselling cards will have pictures to guide the counseling session along identified topics which include: nutrition, drug adherence, prevention of mother to child transmission, opportunistic infections, and Cervical Cancer. In August this year, the CHWs will have the opportunity to co-design these mobile counselling cards for the application.

The MCC application will improve the capacity of the CHWs to follow up HIV cases and conduct effective counselling sessions guided by  feedback from the CHEW, the cards and the content there in. The CHEW on the other hand will be able to receive a record of the CHWs’ activities in the households and provide support.

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