Policy Voices, Part 1: Reporting from Kilome sub-County, East Kenya

Policy Voices, Part 1: Reporting from Kilome sub-County, East Kenya

By Rhoda M. Makato, Community Strategy Focal Person, Kilome sub-County

The mCHW project is a mobile intervention that has overcome geographical constraints and provide innovative practice-based tools for training Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). The program has facilitated increased communication and support between CHVs and their supervisors, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs).

In Makueni the Referral Application that leverages smartphone technology and uses the Malawi Developmental Assessment tool (MDAT) has been a significant intervention and has strengthened our CHVs referral practices from the community to the health facilities which offer primary health care.

Through the project, we have trained 50 CHVs on child development as the area of training and practice needs. Following the training, the CHVs were equipped with smartphones and solar chargers to support the assessment of developmental milestones for the under five children. For the CHVs, this has served as a motivation and a learning opportunity. As a result, we have been able to identify disabled children and forms of developmental delays in our households and addressed them accordingly.

The community and indeed the sub-County hosting the project appreciate the support from the project and its partners.

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