mCHW Symposium “Mobiles, Development & Global Health Training: A way forward”

mCHW Symposium “Mobiles, Development & Global Health Training: A way forward”

On 29th and 30th September, the mCHW team invited 20 representatives and stakeholders, both from academia and from NGOs to a symposium at Kellogg College, University of Oxford, to discuss ways forward in the field of mobiles, development and global health training. The two days were structured in four group sessions.

In the first session, we introduced our own projects to our group by exploring questions such as “What was the aim and what challenges in mHealth were addressed through our projects?” “What was critical to successfully addressing this challenge?” And “What three key impacts did we feel we’ve made through our projects? What technologies were we using?”


Niall Winters welcoming the participants


Group discussion on the challenges identified in our individual mHealth projects








On the second day, we reflected on how to address the key challenges identified on the previous day, and the new challenges identified over the course of our group discussions. We then moved to discuss how to overcome these barriers, and explored what role technology can play in this process.


Jade Henry discussing the findings and challenges identified on Day 1


Group discussions








Professor Martin Oliver, of the Institute of Education, UCL, followed with an introduction to and overview of pedagogies in mHealth. A discussion evolved around pedagogies that are currently used in mHealth and whether we should be using new pedagogies; about who these mHealth pedagogies are targeting, and how they are being evaluated. We established that more evaluation needs to happen so as to ensure that the pedagogies reach the target groups identified.


Professor Martin Oliver discussing pedagogies in mHealth


Group discussions on mHealth pedagogies


Reporting back to the plenum what has been discussed in the group







In the final session, we discussed how, together, as researchers and collaborators we can address the challenges and issues raised over the course of the symposium, particularly with regard to the sharing of resources, funding schemes for capacity building, and opportunities for early-career researchers.

The symposium ended with a reflection by the convener, Professor Niall Winters, on future research agendas.

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