mCHW REFER app: testing in the field is on-going

mCHW REFER app: testing in the field is on-going

Our teams in Kibera and Makueni County are continuing their use of our REFER mobile web app. We’ve been looking at how it is used in practice by community health workers and their supervisors, known as CHEWs. I like this quote from one of the CHWs, which captures the idea nicely in her own words:

When I am visiting the households I master the children below five years and start interviewing, asking questions, and interacting with the children and the mother. Finally I get the outcome. If there is a problem I am able to get it. If the child is doing well am able to notice am able to notice through the phone and if there is a problem it is easy to refer the child straight to the CHEWs. Finally I get the feedback through my phone.

The focus on the stages of child development is particularly interesting:

 The members were eager to know the purpose of the phone and the application but I was able to tell them it is good because the information will help us know the development of the child. If the child is growing well, if the child is able to do this, the phone is assisting us to know the steps; when the child is of this age we are able to know he/she should be doing this and that. So it is easy to identify some, may be abnormalities or you are able to know whether the child is growing well.

More detailed updates to follow in the coming weeks as we continue our analysis of the data collected so far, develop our apps based on CHW use and improve the specialist referral routes on-the-ground.

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