m_CHW featured as impact case study on the ESRC website

m_CHW featured as impact case study on the ESRC website

The m_CHW project has recently been featured as an impact case study on the ESRC website. Some of the impacts mentioned in the article are:

- The research led to the development of the REFER app – a mobile resource for reference material, guidance and support for child development diagnostics and referrals.

- Community health workers (CHWs) received training on child development and the use of technology and smartphones.

- The training was ultimately extended to 100 CHWs and their supervisors.

- These tools have led to improved data collection, supervision and mentoring, training and skills for CHWs.

- The increase in the quality of referral decision-making and monitoring improved local healthcare services.

- The research increased health workers' and families’ knowledge of the development of children under five.

- It embedded mobile-based supervision and training into existing local primary health services – with potential for other medical applications.

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